FRINGE WORLD Friends Year-round Benefits

FRINGE WORLD’s former CEO Marcus Canning has created a new entertainment venue in the heart of Northbridge and it’s finally opening its doors in November!

THE RECHABITE is a shiny new complex built inside the shell of a century old heritage hall and when it launches it will offer four floors of surprise and delight including a rooftop bar, basement club and a restaurant, all wrapped around a new live performance space where a bit of Fringe magic will be happening all year-round!  

We’re pleased to let our Friends know that we’ve got a special treat for you, thanks to our mates at THE RECHABITE you could win a FRINGE FRIENDS LAUNCH PACK which includes VIP tickets to the opening night ‘BOOM BOOM in the House of Casa Blah Blah!’ for you and five friends + $500 to spend on food and drinks anywhere in the Venue! 

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